All-Star RX1

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All-Star RX1

The movement standards for the All Star are the same as those specified for the Nation Tour regular season. You can refer to the “STANDARDS BY CATEGORY” section of the Nation Tour RX1 for more information.

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How it works 150 150 RX1 NATION

How it works

All-Star RX1
How it works

The All-Star RX1 is a team competition between the various regions taking part in Nation Tour.

Athletes from all levels must work together to try to win the 3 to 5-hour All-Star RX1, on an RX1 Nation course.

You can represent your region at the provincial level

  • Quebec
  • Montreal East
  • Montreal West
  • Estrie
  • Gatineau/Ottawa
  • World team


To qualify as co-captain:

  • The captains of the winning team from their region will be invited to represent their region at the all-star game;
  • The second co-captain is named by the organization and chosen from the other teams of the Nation;
  • Co-captains will also be able to qualify as a team athlete.

To qualify as a participant:

  • Athletes who finished in first place in the Nation Tour season will receive an invitation to represent their city. The invitation is valid for 14 days. After this period you will have to qualify again to receive an invitation;
  • Remaining spots will be filled based on their season ranking by the co-captains.

Team Component by Region

6 participants category: junior & amateurs women
6 participants category: juniors & amateurs men
5 participants category: inter women
5 participants category: inter men
5 participants category: women experts
5 participants category: male experts
2 participants category: pro women
2 participants category: pro men

Total participants per region of 36 athletes.

Date of the event

The event will take place September 21, 2024.


Register your presence the same day before your departure. We recommend that you check in at least 1 hour before your scheduled departure time.


The detailed route will be available in the athlete guide 2 weeks before the event.

Participant Guide

The participant guide will be available 2 weeks before the event.

Cost and inclusions

The cost per participant is $115 + taxes and includes the following;

    • A shirt for all participants (unisex);
    • The winning team will receive the “All Stars” cup, a commemorative plaque and a plaque for each of the team’s participants;
    • And more.
All-Star RX1 150 150 RX1 NATION

All-Star RX1

All-Star RX1

This event brings together the best athletes from the previous Nation Tour RX1 season.

A total of 6 teams, ranked by division, face off during an enormous WOD.

Come and take part in the show!

A qualification is required to participate.

Individual participation

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