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All-Star RX1
How it works

The All-Star RX1 is a team competition between the various regions taking part in Nation Tour.

Athletes from all levels must work together to try to win the 3 to 5-hour All-Star RX1, on an RX1 Nation course.

You can represent your region at the provincial level

  • Quebec
  • RTS
  • Estrie
  • Gatineau/Ottawa
  • Montreal North-West
  • Montreal South-East
  • World team


  • 1 captain will be named by the Nation Tour administrators (no matter which category).
  • The athletes who finished in 1st and 2nd place during the City Season will receive an invitation to represent their city.
  • If an athlete cannot or does not want to take part, the captain can choose another athlete of their choice, from the same category, to replace him/her.

Date of the event

The event will take place in September, in Trois-Rivières; the official date will be announced a few months before the event.


  • $70 plus taxes – jersey included


  • The winning team will receive the All-Star Cup, as well as a commemorative plaque and a plaque for each of the team’s members.