Join our hybrid season in 2021!

Join our hybrid season in 2021! 270 270 RX1 NATION

Join our hybrid season in 2021!

Join our hybrid season in 2021!

We’ve taken the time to listen to all the comments from our great RX1 Nation community, which is why we’ll postpone the full 2021 season to 2022; this also ensures everyone’s safety.

Based on the success of our last virtual events, we’ve developed new events that will give you the chance to nonetheless surpass yourself this year.

You’re invited to take part in our hybrid season for 2021!

A 4-event Hybrid Season

The hybrid season will give you the opportunity to take part in a season with 3 city championships, as well as a provincial grand finale.

  • The events will take place on April 24th, May 29th and June 26th.
  • The grand finale will take place on August 7, 2021.
  • You can take part in a team, or individually.

Various options

You can choose to take part in the hybrid season:

  • Via Zoom – Live on our YouTube channel, with commentators and referees.
  • Via the WODproof – Individually or in small groups outdoor groups (based on your region’s rules).
  • Via Zoom – In small groups with coaches and referees certified by RX1 Nation, to formalize your times (based on your region’s rules).
  • In person – At the grand finale on August 7, 2021 (or virtually, to be confirmed)

All this with the use of our LIVE scoring system during the event.

How it works

  • You will receive your starting wave the Wednesday prior to the event.
  • You will receive your course and the race distance on the Friday prior to the race, at 7 p.m.
  • The start takes place on the Saturday.

Your results

  • After your performance, you will have a limited time to provide us with your course results.
  • Your race distance must be completed with the Strava application; we will ask you to send photo proof of your distance.
  • For those using WODproof, you will have a limited time to submit your video, if we request it.

Required equipment

  • You can complete the event with or without equipment.
  • For those using equipment – the weight of the dumbbells, bars and plates must comply with your category’s standards (except for the deadlift).

Rates for the events

  • 3-race package – $80
  • One event – $35
  • Grand finale – $75, if the event is in person, or $35 if it is virtual. The grand finale will only be available for purchase starting June 26, 2021.

Results – Prizes

  • You will receive your certificate in a PDF file, for all podiums of every race, and for each of the cities.
  • Championship plaques will be given out at the end of the 3 first events, for each city’s podiums, both for teams and individuals.
  • Plaques and trophies will be given out for the podiums and awards.
  • A $1000 prize will be provided by one of our sponsors for the champion Pro Male and Pro Female.
  • At registration for the grand finale, you will have the choice of a jersey or a medal, at additional cost.

It’s time to start the competitions, and for surpassing oneself and a sense of community to take precedence over worry. We hope you’ll have fun this season and that we will give you the opportunity to surpass yourself!