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Nation Tour RX1
Supreme Regulations

Here is your challenge: take part in all our events throughout the RX1 Nation Tour regular season where you can excel and test yourself against the most resilient!

  • Take part in the events in each of the 5 divisions, as well as the Grand Finale of the Cups.
  • Each “Supreme” athlete may be eligible to the Supreme Grand Cup Championship during the Grand Finale of the Cups.
  • The athlete with the highest individual score for their participation do the Nation Tour season’s various events, among all the divisions, will be named champion of their category during the Grand Finale of the Cups.
  • Scoring is based on the total of the individual results for all the events in which they have taken part.
  • Mixed results (men and women), one cup per category.
  • The score achieved by the athlete may also be considered for their division – details available in the Individual and Team Regulations.

To find out more about the 4 cups of the Grand Finale of the Cups and the qualifications, see the RX1 Nation Tour Cups page.