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Nation Tour RX1
Team Rules

  • A team must include a minimum of 2 registered athletes who also take part in the event in order to be eligible for the team scoring system.
  • A team may include a maximum of 12 athletes. (The athletes from the Discovery category don’t count in these 12 athletes.)
  • Each athlete has a “rating,” based on the category he/she takes part in. This rating is the «salary.»
  • Pro: $4 / Expert: $3 / Intermediate: $2 / Amateur: $1 / Junior: $1 / Discovery: $0.
  • A team may be composed of a mix from these 6 categories: Pro, Expert, Intermediate, Amateur, Discovery and Junior.
  • The team’s salary cap is set at $38, for a maximum total of 15 players for the team taking part in scoring.
  • The team’s score is based on the sum of the 3 best individual results of the players on the team, based on their position, no matter their category, in each event of the season.
  • Each athlete must have taken part in at least one regular season event in their division to be eligible to earn points for the team at the Grand Finale of the Cups.
  • The team will be invited to compete for the national cups at the Grand Finale of the Cups. Eligibility scores are based on the completion of all regular sesaon events. The top 5 teams will qualify for the RX1 Nation Grand Cup, positions 6 to 15 for the 2nd Cup, positions 16 to 30 for the 3rd Cup and positions 31 and over for the 4th Cup.

To find out more about the 4 cups of the Grand Finale of the Cups and the qualifications, see the RX1 Nation Tour Cups page.