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This ticket is non-refundable and non-transferable to another event. I acknowledge and understand that this activity includes a risk of injury. I am aware of these risks and assume full responsibility of the associated risks of my taking part in the RX1 NATION events. I hereby release and agree to hold harmless RX1 NATION INC., its shareholders, administrators, employees, directors, as well as any corporation or person affiliated or connected to the former in relation to any event arising directly or indirectly from RX1 NATION, as well as any injury, partial or permanent disability, damage, inconvenience or other loss. I also release the people designated above for any loss or other damage that could be caused to my personal belongings. The fees paid give me the right to take part in the RX1 NATION events (the “Ticket”). However, I acknowledge that if I am unable to take part in the event, I can transfer my Ticket to the person of my choice by advising RX1 NATION at least forty-eight (48) hours before this RX1 NATION event. I understand that a fee of $35 will be required for any transfer. If I am unable to take part in an RX1 NATION event because of an injury or physical disability, I can receive a full refund of my Ticket by presenting a medical note signed by a treating physician or a specialized physician which clearly indicates the physical limitations preventing me from taking part in the event. The request for a refund of the Ticket for a medical reason must be sent to RX1 NATION at the earliest three (3) weeks before the event, or no later than three (3) weeks after the event, or it will be considered inadmissible. No refund will be authorized outside that three-week period. Photo and video authorization: I authorize RX1 NATION and its providers to take pictures or videos of me during the events. In accordance with the provisions relating to the image rights, I agree that the captured images where I appear will be used, handled and disseminated by RX1 NATION as part of its activities with various audiences, including dissemination systems.