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Propulsion challenge for managers
Create cohesiveness among your employees

Are you looking to mobilize your colleagues with a turnkey challenge? The Propulsion Challenge offers companies the implementation of sports activities, allowing you to not only ensure the introduction of healthy lifestyle habits, but also create cohesiveness among your employees towards a common goal.
The Propulsion Challenge is a participatory program that encourages a healthy and active lifestyle in the workplace, and offers a variety of unifying sports events.

  • Training programs adapted to the participants
  • Challenges between employees or departments in order to stimulate them more
  • RX1 events where you could take part

Training together to start a heathy lifestyle

  • Stress management
  • Team building activities
    (sports challenge in a team)
  • Mobilization
  • Motivation
  • Team spirit
  • Results

Service offered in-person and virtually.

Semi-private or private training

Target your key staff members and allow them to develop new skills in an energizing and efficient team-building mindset. You simply have to determine the desired training frequency with your group. Then, only one step is required: reserve your place. Create stronger bonds than ever by having one common goal and staying active.

Functional training for companies with RX1 fitness

Our functional training is provided by certified RX1 Fitness coaches, is adapted for everyone and allows for work on endurance, strength and cardio in one single class. Everyone’s motivation and encouragement guarantee a dynamic and energizing atmosphere.

Service offered in-person and virtually.


  • Increased strength
  • More flexibility
  • Better posture and mobility
  • Creation of social connections
  • Good physical and mental health

For more details, contact us at info@rx1nation.com.

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  • Turnkey package adapted to your needs
  • Certified RX1 Fitness coaches
  • Semi-private and private training
  • Access to in-person or virtual group classes for your employees
  • Events organized by RX1 Nation