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Become an RX1 Volunteer of Referee

As an RX1 volunteer, you will help ensure that our athletes and spectators experience an exceptional time at our events.

Sign up – RX1 Volunteer

RX1 Nation is looking for passionate and devoted volunteers for its various events in order to work closely with the RX1 Nation dedicated team.

You can become involved in
the following areas:

  • Installing and dismantling equipment on the sites
  • Supervising and encouraging the athletes at the stations
  • Offering rewards

In exchange for your involvement,
we will provide:

  • Drinks, snacks and a meal, based on the length of the event
  • Free parking
  • A recognition program (more information is available on our Facebook page)

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Sign up – RX1 Referee

Referees are part of the supervising team for athletes at the challenge stations.

As opposed to the support volunteers, the referees are the only people authorized to correct participants in order to ensure the correct execution of a movement, and to call a « NO REP! »

Training – RX1 Referees

We want to ensure professional refereeing, in line with the participants’ efforts, which is why we have implemented training in order to ensure adequate qualifications for our future RX1 referees.

Interested to be referees?

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