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Combine RX1
How it Works

The Combine RX1 event is a complete competition based on all the determinants of physical fitness. You will be faced with a series of functional training tests during a 5 to 6 hour period.

Participants must accumulate a maximum of points in the various workouts throughout the day.

There will be 6 different WODs (3 side WODs)

For example:

  • Strength tests (weights…);
  • Power tests (pull, push, throw…);
  • Muscle endurance tests (maximum repetitions, time under tension…);
  • Cardiovascular tests (maximum distance, max VO2, aerobic power, anaerobic…);
  • Agility or coordination tests.

Event Date

February 17, 2024


  • The Combine can be run in  your gym.


  • WITH official Combine jersey – $ 98 + tax
  • WITHOUT jersey – $ 65 + tax


  • LIVE scoring throughout the weekend
  • A certificate will be awarded for local podiums by category and age group
  • A plaque will be awarded for the provincial podiums by category