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White Fury RX1

This winter and outdoor sporting event involves functional movement tests and running, as a team.

The challenge is to compile a maximum of laps per team, in a recreational or competitive component. To do this, the teams work strategically together on the course, to orchestrate their movements, to manage their food, their time of sleep, their changes of clothes as needed, while helping each other by taking advantage of each other’s strengths and by reconciling. with their weaknesses.

New in 2022

The White Fury RX1 event has always been a 24 hour event. This time format will remain our classic for an absolute challenge. Nevertheless, we saw fit to make the experience even more accessible to everyone. We are therefore offering the following duration options for the winter 2022 edition:

  • 24h (competitive or recreational)
  • 12h (recreational)
  • 6h (recreational)
  • 1h (recreational)

Accessible competition for all levels

  • Intermediate Standards

All participants have the same charges for the White Fury RX1 event. The weight of the loads corresponds to the intermediate level standards.

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