Stéphanie Proulx 150 150 RX1 NATION

Stéphanie Proulx

« For me, the RX1 Nation community is a second family that is fully positive. Having chosen a career as a trainer, being a licensee and team captain makes me so proud! Also, helping athletes reach their objectives, and seeing them reach them is, for me, the best gift ever. »

Krystel Houle-Rhéaume

Owner, RX1 Fitness Saint-Hilaire

Krystel Houle-Rhéaume 150 150 RX1 NATION

Krystel Houle-Rhéaume

« I had no idea what the business world would give me. I feel like 10 years have passed since that day! What I’ve learned, the emotions, the nice encounters, the laughs…for the past 3 years, I’ve never looked at the time and wondered when the day would end. I go to bed every night with a sense of accomplishment from having had a positive impact on someone’s life. Thanks for having put an organization that truly changes lives in my path! »

Krystel Houle-Rhéaume

Owner, RX1 Fitness Gatineau