The biggest partnership in RX1 Nation’s history

The biggest partnership in RX1 Nation’s history 270 270 RX1 NATION

The biggest partnership in RX1 Nation’s history

The earth shook with excitement at RX1 Nation and we have incredible news to share!

We like to challenge ourselves to go further and this great announcement is letting us do just that! Exceeding oneself is at the heart of our actions, and that’s why we strive to offer the best to our community! Are you ready to get on board?

It is with pride that we announce the biggest partnership in the history of RX1 Nation with the Montreal apparel brand, Until I’m Done!

This partnership has a very positive impact on the two companies and the community. United by nameless passion and pride for excelling, RX1 Nation and Until I’m Done will work hand in hand on a number of important projects, which will be announced soon, in order to change the greatest number of lives possible and become the path for those who can’t find it.

A Powerful Duo

“We are truly excited about this partnership and what it will give our community. This is totally new for our company and the impact will be tremendous. Exceeding ourselves, for RX1 Nation, also takes place through the partnerships we create. It’s important for us to be surrounded by the best, especially companies that share our values, like Until I’m Done, which fully aligns with our mission. This is a very important step for us.”

– Sébastien Corbeil, Founder and Executive Director of RX1.

  • Our common objective: propel our community and both companies in order to make them shine bright and enrich our offer. We also become a powerful duo ready to push forward and overtake any obstacles.

This three-year partnership will allow, among other things, offering quality apparel to the community, which is created for its daily and active life. This apparel will be comfortable, stylish and will follow the community through all its adventures and moves. Like a second skin, it will become the extension of your determination.

”It’s quite natural for Until I’m Done to partner with RX1 Nation. We are motivated by the same things and speak to the same public. We will therefore join forces to serve our communities and move to the next level. The feeling this provides is intoxicating. We are proud to become a sponsor of such a break brand as RX1 Nation.”

– David Guay, Owner of Until I’m Done.

Values at the heart of the partnership

Extremely motivated and guided by a common passion, RX1 Nation and Until I’m Done will work together to provide the community’s experience to an even more grandiose level and continue to be its ally on a daily basis in reaching its goals. It will be even cooler, more more fun and bigger in order to rally everyone!

RX1 Nation considers Until I’m Done a partner that is on its same wavelength. Uniting their strengths will allow both companies to not only continue their lightning evolution, but also convey the same values that are so important to both.

  • Strength
  • Perseverance
  • Courage
  • Inclusion
  • Determination
  • Exceeding oneself

These words are hammered, printed and set forth to make the community, its values and RX1 Nation and Until I’m Done shine.

A little bit more about Until I’m Done

An important player in the apparel industry, the Montreal brand, Until I’m Done, has a mission of inspiring people from here, in their daily lives, with stories from here. By creating a line of clothing and accessories, the company aspires to helping its community face challenges and obstacles that require internal strength in order to attain its objectives. With Until I’m Done, nothing is over Until it’s done! This fits in perfectly with RX1 Nation.

RX1 Nation and Until I’m Done are far from finished impressing their audience; this is simply the start of this great story!

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